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About Adriana’s Trim

At Adriana’s Trim, we specialise in all Medical Chair Upholstery. We have been upholstering Medical Chairs for over 20 years and we are very experienced in the trimming/upholstery fields.

We upholster anything from:

  • Dental Chairs
  • Optometrist Chairs
  • Beautician Chairs
  • Physiotherapist Beds
  • Nurses/Dentists Stools
  • Waiting Room Chairs and much more!

Any of your upholstery needs can be taken care of by Adriana’s Trim. All the chairs are upholstered without topstitching so the chairs are easy to clean and hygienic. We use nothing but the best medical grade vinyl.

At Adriana’s Trim, we will do all we can to not interrupt the smooth running of your practice. Most of the time, chairs can be upholstered over the weekend and returned to you before you start work on Monday morning (Please Note: This depends on your suburb – some suburbs are too far away and extra travelling time is needed). We pick up and deliver for a small cost to ensure that your practice is not inconvenienced.

Adriana’s Trim will come to your practice and supply you with a free quote – contact us now!

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Check out Our Work

Adriana’s Trim have been in the trade for many years. Our work not only covers the medical field but also a variety of vehicle and marine trimming.

View the gallery and you will see a small selection of medical chairs that Adriana’s Trim have upholstered including:

  • Dental Chairs and Stools
  • Optometrist Chairs
  • Beautician Beds
  • Stools and Waiting Room Chairs

Our work also includes classic car restoration, marine trimming and various trim needs in race and rally cars.

Examples include:

  • Vehicle Dash’s:  We specialise in trimming dash’s in race and rally cars with a high quality micro suede. Better than flocking and always an amazing finish.
  • Vehicle Carpet: Hand pieced carpet for classic cars.
  • Seats: Classic car seat trimming and restoration. Race seat repairs and trimming.
  • Marine Trimming: Seating and various trim pieces.

The gallery is only a small selection of the work Adriana’s Trim have completed but it will give you a taste of the high quality job you can expect!

View our Work

Postal Address: PO Box 1257 Penrith NSW 2751
Phone: 0418 611 224